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Stock our Products

Thank you for your interest in stocking our eco, healthy and unique Bamboo Range. The growing awareness of the importance of the quality of our indoor air means people are always looking at natural ways to absorb smells, moisture and chemicals for their families health and well being. Additionally, if your brand is synonymous with unique, natural and eco then our stylish living range may be right up your alley.


Our business model enables stores to benefit from wholesaling our range of products with:

Strong Value Proposition – Eco, Healthy, Easy to use and Economical range of products
We have a range perfect for many types of store

  • - Speciality – Eco, Bamboo, Hemp, Organic, Natural
  • - Homewares, Giftware & Storage
  • - Health food
  • - Hardware, Auto Shops, Mechanics and Taxi companies
  • - Chemists
  • - Clothing, Baby stores
  • - Office Buildings, Childcare and Pet Resorts
  • - Naturopaths, Alternative Medicine Practitioners

Easy to display with hang sell options available
Crisp and Clean Green branding – Gives instant shelf appeal
Floor and counter displays available

 Inclusion in our store locator online
Store Promotion Support - brochures, posters, samples & bags
Orders dispatched quickly
Professional photos of our products available for stockists
We can also partner with stores with developing and sourcing a unique bamboo product

Freight free with orders over $300


Apply to Stock our Products

If you would like to apply to stock our products – please follow these 4 steps:

Step 1 Apply for Wholesale Access (click here)

Step 2Set up a MyEcoStore account. (click here) 

Step 3 – Once approved your wholesale account access shall be approved by email

Step 4 – Your account login shall be updated to enable wholesale access and when you next log in you shall be able to order online as a wholesaler